One expertise: predictive and optimization analytics

Behavior prediction

Digitalization of usages and new customers journeys are generating mass data flows, which may not always be sufficiently valued. In addition, open data are freely available online (eg. INSEE) and can be crossed with all other information sources to get a 360° customer view.

Advanced analytics technics can transform these data into actionable customer insights, to anticipate behavior, steer risks and push the best product / service at the right timing.

Event prediction

All business processes can be optimized through reliable events predictions. Leveraging mass data sources with advanced analytics can lead to a competitive advantage, letting you improve production / distribution processes efficiency :

Short term and long term activity forecasts, energy consumption optimization, equipement failure anticipation, accelerated diagnosis, prediction of quality issues and manufacturing yield decrease are some of the applications domains.

Trajectory prediction

Applying advanced analytics technics to vehicule-generated data (car, plane, boats...), we help you anticipate possible paths to make better decisions.

There are multiple applications domains, from trajectories analysis & prediction to let you optimize avoidance or collision strategies...

... to data fusion expertise, which lead to great results on noisy data from either cheap unreliable sensors, or sophisticated sensors in hostile environments.

Three offers with high impact

Smart Data & Consulting : predictive analytics as a business performance lever.

We work with our clients to develop high impact predictive analytics solutions, leveraging available data (from internal and external data sources). We start from your business stakes, to identify and prioritize valuable use cases, and then demonstrate the Return On Investment with short term proof of concept projects.

Smart Sensors: analytics expertise applied to sensors data

We work with our clients across the full sensors chain, providing data & analytics services to detect, anticipate, optimize based on any sensors data.

Smart Energy : digital solutions for smarter energy management

We propose off-the-shelf solutions to optimize energy consumption for buildings and industries. We also provide on-demand analytics & development services to let you take better decisions with regards to energy management stakes.