Data can provide a significant competitive advantage...
... to seize before others

We work with our clients to develop analytics solutions with long term business impact, leveraging all available data

  • To kick off and accelerate your Big Data & Smart Data initiatives, with support from our experienced Data Scientists
  • To develop and implement decision-support tools embedding state of the art analytics to optimize all your business processes
  • To help you enhancing existing models with alternative & innovative machine learning technics
Our ambition: help you get the most out of your data

Data Science can create significant economic value

Marketing & sales excellence

  • Enhance customers knowledge through analytics
  • Trigger the Next Best Action at any time thanks to advanced customers insights
  • Increase on-line & off-line transformation rates
  • Get the most out of your loyalty program and reduce churn rate,  while paying attention to customers privacy

Develop revenues

Operational excellence

  • Predict orders / sales volumes to better plan capacities (D+1, D+7…)
  • Optimize logistics and inventories by warehouse
  • Improve process efficiency & save energy 
  • Anticipate quality issues through analytics
  • Leverage predictive maintenance to avoid failure

Reduce costs

Finance & Risk

  • Reduce fraud on payments, on TelCo…
  • Anticipate and prevent risk situations, incl. credit
  • Optimize capex and tactical resources allocation
  • Improve forecast to enhance financial reports…

Master uncertainty

Product & service innovation

  • Foster customer-driven innovation through data and develop market share
  • Create revenues through new data-centric businesses

 Create new businesses

We can help you deliver your Data & Analytics initiatives

 1 - Strategy & roadmap

  • Work with your teams to identify the best use cases given your business stakes
  • Identify relevant data sources  (internal and external)
  • Set a roadmap incl. priority use-cases
  • On-board contributors

2 - Proofs of Concept (POC)
& Minimum Viable Product

  • Work with your teams to demonstrate business impacts on one or several Proof Of Concepts
  • As possible, test real-life impact through mailing, operations, etc.
  • Build the Business Case to decide whether or not to industrialize

3 - Industrialization

  • Work with your teams to roll out the industrial solution
  • Accelerate user’s appropriation to secure business impact
  • As required, work with your teams, to adapt processes and organization

We work with partners and IT specialists to deliver the most ambitious transformation programs.