BatiSense: Data valorisation

... To optimize heating plans, to save energy and set comfort.


A tool to choose the best energy procurement contract

Energy consumption forecasts

  • Automated learning of each site's consumption profile
  • Detailed forecast of future energy needs
  • Automated comparison of energy procurement contracts
A valuable, web-based tool to negociate energy procurement and reduce costs

Industrial sites, yellow and green pricing

For a smarter regulated pricing exit strategy !
  • Collection and automated analysis of industrial energy consumption and production data
  • Subscribed power optimization
  • User-friendly, decision support tool

Smart Energy Services

Predictive analytics & optimization, on-demand services for smarter energy management

Recent projects

  • For a hybrid vehicule manufacturer, we developed an algorithm to optimize switches between energy sources through a predictive analysis of driving habits.
  • For an international freight transporter, we developped a tool to optimize the routes

Carbon footprint and energy related costs reduction

On-demand services tailored to your needs

Save energy, limit CO2 emissions and reduce costs !
  • Optimization integrating your specific constraints and energy related costs
  • Impact-driven and collaborative approach
  • Technical expertise at your service