ProbaYes now a part of Groupe La Poste!

This is a decisive step forward for ProbaYes, founded in Grenoble’s Inovallee in 2003 as a spinoff of AI and robotics laboratories, in keeping with the company’s forward-thinking attitude which enabled it to fully develop and roll out data valorization solutions for its industrial customers long before data sciences were perceived as a trend.

Now an acknowledged expert in predictive analysis and optimization solutions, ProbaYes is looking forward to fully leveraging the strengths of its new environment: “Being a part of La Poste will allow us to consolidate our interactions with pre-existing clients, explore new markets and make headways into the numerous possible innovative solutions to meet La Poste’s specific needs.

La Poste will provide ProbaYes with the necessary means to fully develop its existing expertise and potential on Smart Data trending markets such as energetic performance management, logistics optimization, mobility optimization, fraud detection, etc.

To meet the new ambitious goals, ProbaYes is now looking to recruit several Data Scientists.

As “The best way to predict to future is to create it” [P. Drucker] Groupe La Poste’s goal is for ProbaYes to maintain R&D as a central feature of its activity. ProbaYes will therefore keep and expand its links to Rhone-Alpe’s rich innovation ecosystem, among which its participation to such innovation cluster and think tanks as Tenerrdis, Minalogic and Digital Grenoble and its ties to top-notch research centers (INRIA, CNRS…).

ProbaYes is proud to join a large French group and looking forward to having a significant impact in the nation’s digital and energetic transition while giving back to the Grenoble community from which it stems.