Our team

ProbaYes, a team of machine learning and optimization experts, offering Data Science services and solutions to its clients. We hire PhD and engineers from the best school, universities, and research centers, to bring the most advanced analytics solutions to our clients (bayesian networks, neural networks, ensemble methods, SVM, etc.). Our Data Scientists have both mathematics and computer science skills, as well as a good understanding of our clients business stakes.

100% owned by employees, ProbaYes is a truly independant company. Our founders and key shareholders are deeply involved in day-to-day operations, fostering technical and scientific excellence.

Our origins

Founded in 2003 to propose advanced analytics technology from CNRS and INRIA to its clients, ProbaYes built a strong reputation around bayesian network from which our company was initially named (PROBAYES). We now leverage all available analytics methods to design the best predictive analytics and optimization solutions for our clients, embedding as relevant your business experts knowledge.

Our values


We offer Data Science expertise to address most business stakes with visible impact


We develop long term relationships with our clients, committing from the Proof of Concept to full solution development.


We like collaborative work, mixing expertises to meet your expectations, transfer of skills and experiences.


We develop solutions integrating your expert knowledge, as we believe your experience is the most valuable insight.