Webinar on Industrial Artificial Intelligence

//Webinar on Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Webinar on Industrial Artificial Intelligence

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Digital technology plays an instrumental role in the performance of any industrial business. From the Factory of the Future to or  Industry 4.0,everyone is talking about the digitalization of industry.

Probayes has been pioneering solutions based on data science and artificial intelligence since 2003. Our data scientists bring their knowledge of machine learning, sensor fusion, computer vision, automatic language learning, and operational research

to complex industrial processes and systems with multiple data sources, working hand in hand with your business experts to develop a custom solution that addresses your unique needs.


Our industrial customers have come to us for solutions to:

  • Improve product qualityby identifying the factors that contribute to non-quality

  • Improve industrial performanceby detecting process drift before it occurs so that it can be corrected

  • Optimize processesby recommending the most efficient equpment configuration in real time

This webinar will show you how artificial intelligence solutions can enhance your industrial performance through two use cases.

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