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Covid X-Ray

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Open access scripts on model explainability for the healthcare field, as applied to Covid-19 X-rays

Explainability methods help clinicians understand how a model works. They are an additional tool that can help determine how relevant a model is to clinical applications.

Ultimately, these tools could be used in decision-assistance applications in the halthcare field.


In order to help control the spread of Covid-19, Probayes has made its scripts on model explainability (model comparison, importance, and limitations) freely available for healthcare applications and, most notably, for Covid-19 X-rays.

The project

Compare several explainability methods (a particularly important issue in the healthcare field).

Datasets used: COVIDx3

ResNet50 pretrained on ImageNet was selected as the reference model for explainability:

– “normal” X-ray

– “pneumonia” X-ray

– “Covid-19” X-ray


Studying the explainability of the model provides an opportunity to see the forest and not only the trees by stepping back from the metrics used to evaluate the results of the model and even identify areas for improvement in the model. Explainability methods allow users to validate that the areas that contribute to prediction are precisely those areas where information is located.

Case correct prediction class “normal”

Consistent positioning over the lungs

Case correct prediction class “pneumonia”

Inflammation that appears to be correctly located

Correct prediction of “Covid-19” class

Inflammation that appears to be correctly located

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Covid XRay

Open access scripts on model explainability for the healthcare field