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Building a future that is all about technology and people

In 2014, France’s La Poste rolled out an ambitious digital transformation strategy to become a key stakeholder in the digital revolution by 2020. Technology has a huge impact on all of the company business lines, and since La Poste acquired Probayes in 2016, it has ramped up projects to make its operations more competitive.

La Poste’s strategy

Probayes’ parent company, La Poste, has now fully implemented its 2020 strategy. And the plan resulted in the rapid diversification of the company’s business. Total revenue increased from €22 billion in 2014 to €31.2 billion in 2020 despite a sharp decline in postal business volumes from 36% to just 18.7% of total revenue during the same period. This successful strategy is proof of La Poste’s capacity to reinvent itself, something that would not have been possible without the significant contributions of the company’s employees.

The new 2030 strategy will drive further transformations, with the goal of achieving a self-sustaining business model that spans the entire organization.

Success in 2030 will be built on three pillars:

  • consolidate the company’s historic business lines and its position as provider of a public service
  • speed up the development of growth drivers
  • lay the foundations of new models for tomorrow’s growth

La Poste has set the ambitious target of becoming Europe’s number-one platform for digital and person-to-person connections. The company intends to achieve this through socially and environmentally responsible practices that support customers’ and society’s transformations.

Probayes’ role is to provide La Poste with the latest advances in Data Science to enable high-added-value artificial intelligence solutions in service to the company’s 2030 strategy.

La Poste's data policy