The team

An agile organization and a team with diverse skills

At Probayes, we are experts in predictive analysis and optimization and committed to bringing these technologies to you, our customers. Our scientists and engineers hold degrees from top schools and have worked at some of the best labs around. They have the knowledge it takes to implement the most innovative data analysis technologies (Bayesian networks, neural networks, ensemblist methods, support-vector machines, etc.).

Our team’s expertise spans math and computer science. But what makes us unique is our passion for learning about your business issues.

Scientific research

helps us serve you, our customers!

We are committed to maintaining our scientific knowledge at the state of the art so that we can bring you the most advanced R&D possible. Our scientific advisors, for example, have deepened our long-standing partnerships with research labs.

Science is part of our day-to-day operations:

Weekly tech cafés on innovative new technologies, approaches, and tools.

Probayes data scientists participation  in world-class competitions to benchmark their knowledge

Recognized contributions to open source libraries by some of our developers

Probability as an alternative to Boolean logic.

While logic is the mathematical foundation of rational reasoning and the fundamental principle of computing, it is restricted to problems where information is both complete and certain. However, many real-world problems, from financial investments to email filtering, are incomplete or uncertain in nature. Probability theory and Bayesian computing together provide an alternative framework to deal with incomplete and uncertain data.

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