Our expertise covers the full sensor value chain

  • SENSORS:  selection, installation, and calibration of sensors
  • DATA ACQUISITION: acquisition, data transmission, pre-processing, signal processing
  • MODELING: sensor uncertainty modeling, simulation and modeling of dynamical systems, Bayesian networks, heterogeneous sensor fusion, time data filtering (e.g., Kalman and particle filters), machine learning, etc.
  • PROCESSING: object detection, objects and behaviour classification, target tracking, realtime spatial calculation, trajectory predictions, etc...
  • ANALYSIS & APPLICATIONS: collision risk computation, trajectory optimization, etc.

Main application markets

Aeronautic & Defense

  • Missile route planning
  • Air-to-air combat decision support tools
  • Enemy's behaviour prediction
  • Probabilistic prediction of trajectories
  • Ground surface uncertainty modeling for better route planning

Automotive & Transport

  • Collision risk assessment
  • Behaviour classification for other traffic participants (vehicles, pedestrians, ...)
  • Probabilistic prediction of trajectories
  • Pedestrian/vehicle detection, classification, and tracking
  • Safe path planning

Robotics and computer vision

  • Video surveillance
  • Localisation system for mobile robots
  • Gesture recognition based on video or inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyrometer, ...)
  • Artificial intelligence engine for video games
  • Automatic learning of sensori-motor models for mobile robots

Home-care services

  • Smart connected glasses interface for visually impaired people
  • Shopping assistance for visually impaired or elderly people, through connected glasses (item recognition, product information, etc)
  • Behavioural monitoring for elderly or disabled people, to generate medical alerts

Sample illustrations

Data fusion, detection and tracking for video surveillance
Vehicle behaviour prediction (lane changes, highway exit, ...) and collision risk assessment