Quantum computing at ambient temperature

Demand for computing capacity is on the rise, with no end to the trend in sight. The “Rebooting Computing” community is constantly on the lookout for new ways of building computers using radically different computing techniques and principles.

The European COPAC project aims to leverage quantum phenomena to perform calculations without using qubits. The idea is to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept and complete an initial assessment of at approach to computing that is totally new, in both physical and computing terms.

This new breed of computer could ultimately address data analysis problems, including machine learning and complex system simulations, that are currently impossible to solve with existing computers.

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The goal of the COPAC project is to develop a machine that can evaluate in parallel all the inputs of a logic function through the use of quantum effects; the research will be carried out in several stages:



The objective of this research project is to develop a machine that can evaluate in parallel all the inputs of a logic function through the use of quantum effects.

COPAC is a new field of computer science that uses both new technologies such as addressing a large number of quantum dots using ultrafast lasers and new mathematical principles such as using quantum evolution to perform calculations.

This project will deliver fundamental experimental, theoretical, and algorithmic innovations to demonstrate a new technological paradigm for ultrafast parallel information processing. COPAC aims to develop a groundbreaking nonlinear coherent spectroscopy combining optical addressing and spatially and macroscopically resolved optical readout to achieve unprecedented levels of speed, density, and complexity.

The discrete quantum level structure of nanosystems provides a memory capable of operating at room temperature. Input will be provided simultaneously to all the levels by broadband laser pulses, and the dynamic response will implement the logic in parallel. Unlike in other quantum approaches, disorder and environmental fluctuations are not detrimental because they allow for simultaneous multidirectional optical readout at the macroscopic level.

The long-term vision of COPAC is the application of nanosystem state-resolved quantum dynamics. Our prototype machine and its compiler will allow us to demonstrate the feasibility of the approach. Many scientific and technical challenges still lie ahead before this type of machine can be used in any practical way in fields such as electrospectroscopy, lasers, quantum dots, and the use of quantum dynamics for high performance computing.

COPAC Symposium

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Success story

Eramet is one of the world’s leading metal alloy producers. The Eramet plant in Knivesdal, Norway, produces silicomanganese alloys.


When manufacturing processes are optimized, premium raw materials can be replaced with less-expensive alternatives without affecting product quality. Eramet turned to Probayes for a real-time solution capable of detecting exactly when to switch out the more expensive raw material for the cheaper one and of generating recommendations for when to switch back in the event of drift.

The project

We applied an unsupervised classification algorithm to a set of around 50 process variables to discern the different process operating behaviors. We then had Eramet process experts annotate the behaviors and trained a classifier to recognize them. Finally, we added an explainability module that generates, in real time, the parameters that characterize non-optimal behaviors.


Our analysis resulted in a family of five process behaviors, which were annotated by several process experts from Eramet. The characteristics of the optimal process and of the non-optimal behaviors were clearly identified. An initial release of the solution was implemented at Eramet’s Knivesdal, Norway plant.

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