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In Europe, sleep apnea remains underdiagnosed for the simple reason that the diagnostic protocol is very inconvenient.
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Sleep apnea is a respiratory disorder that causes pauses in people’s breathing while they sleep. Breathing can stop for ten to 30 seconds or more, in excess of ten times per hour. Each time a person’s breathing stops, sleep is disrupted. The health consequences can be serious. In addition to quality of life issues, patients can run an increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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The Sensapnea project

Benefits for patients

Easy to use

The Sunrise sensor simply adheres to the patient’s chin

No overnight hospital stay

The sensor is applied before going to bed and connects via Bluetooth to the patient’s smartphone

More affordable

Because it is a much simpler system

Benefits for doctors

Ability toanalyze severity of sleep apnea

Easy to implement

Sleep is analyzed right from the patient’s own bed

Improved patient acceptance

No more overnight hospital stays

Feature story on Sensapnea

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Startup Sunrise wins the CES 2021 Innovation Award in the Health and Wellness category

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EIT Health is supported by the EIT a body of the European Union

Project partners


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